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This portion of my portfolio highlights business contracts I utilize in my day-to-day transactions as a Real Estate Paralegal and Right-of-Way Agent, along with documents I created for Writing for Business & Government and Grant Writing courses. The coursework includes a Grant Proposal from Fall 2019 and a Social Media Policy from Fall 2020, I feel both pieces enhanced my career growth. These assignments feature writing strategies, appropriate diction, and formating styles which are needed for business and government organizations. 

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Aristotle described public communication as three branches of rhetoric.

  1. Deliberative - speaking or writing with the intent of persuading the reader or listener to act upon or dissuade them from thinking or doing.

  2. Judicial - speaking or writing as means to debate issues that have legal or ethical arguments. For example, justifying or defending your own or someone else’s actions.

  3. Epideictic - speaking or writing in such a way that the message praises or places blame on a person for their actions.  This can be accomplished through speeches, obituaries, or celebratory letters of recommendation.


When the existence of the contract is admitted, if it is in our favor, we must strengthen it by asserting that the contract is a law, special and partial; and it is not the contracts that make the law authoritative, but it is the laws that give force to legal contracts. And in a general sense the law itself is a kind of contract, so that whoever disobeys or subverts a contract, subverts the laws. Further, most ordinary and all voluntary transactions are carried out according to contract; so that if you destroy the authority of contracts, the mutual intercourse of men is destroyed.  -  Aristotle, "Art" of Rhetoric 

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Real Estate Purchase Contract

The Real Estate Purchase Contract is a legally binding written offer between capable parties, whereas the seller accepts to convey real property to the buyer for a monetary value. 

The contract includes the purchase price, the closing date, and other terms or contingencies to which both parties are in agreement.

The document is also known as a:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Residential Real Estate Contract

  • Home Sale Contract

  • Real Estate Sales Contract

Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Company

The Articles of Organization outline the most relevant aspects of the Limited Liability Company (LLC), such as the rights, powers, liabilities, and obligations between the members of the LLC and with the company. In some states, Articles of Organization are referred to as a Certificate of Formation, Articles of Formation, or Certificate of Organization. However, Articles of Organization is the most common name.

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​This assignment focused on locating and researching a foundation, utilizing resources for each stage of the grant writing process:  

  • Effective communication with foundations/organizations

  • Developing a problem statement

  • Defining objectives and goals

  • Creating a budget

Through this course I learned practical, hands-on study of grant writing concepts, strategies, and techniques used in public and not-for- profit organizations.

This assignment emphasized group work and collaboration in the Writing for Business & Government Course.  The assignment required project management skills, deadlines, along with task assignments for both group and individual students.  My group worked together to create a workplace policy focused on Social Media in the Workplace that featured writing skills, recognizing the audience, formatting, and plain language writing skills. Elements which are crucial to effective communication in business and government organizations.

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